Problems using DB only Duplicator move to sync db back with localhost

I successfully transferred my Local localhost website to a live production environment. Hit some bumps though. I was going to use Duplicator (which had worked fine for a client project) but had to do a manual import and URL search and replace.

I’m using the P2P syncing program GoodSync to sync my code and assets via FTP. And I’m trying to use Duplicator to take care of the DB stuff. But when I try to pull down the duplicator package and install the database using it’s install.php file, I keep getting a failure to login message. I know it’s the right log in info since I made a new user with privileges on my Local db, and I have also logged out of and back into adminer by hands, so I know I have the right passwords and stuff. What gives though? Any clues?

I’m also getting this notice which seems to indicate that Local by Flywheel is using an older version of MySQL. Is there anyway to update it to a newer version?

NOTICE: The current version detected was released prior to MySQL 5.5.3 which had a release date of April 8th 2010. WordPress 4.2 included support for utf8mb4 which is only supported in MySQL server 5.5.3+. It is highly recommended to upgrade your version of MySQL server on this server to be more compatible with recent releases of WordPress and avoid issues with install errors.
NOTICE: In order to avoid database incompatibility issues make sure the database versions between the build and installer servers are as close as possible. If the package was created on a newer database version than where it is being installed then you might run into issues.

It is best to make sure the server where the installer is running has the same or higher version number than where it was built. If the major and minor version are the same or close for example [5.7 to 5.6], then the migration should work without issues. A version pair of [5.7 to 5.1] is more likely to cause issues unless you have a very simple setup. If the versions are too far apart work with your hosting provider to upgrade the MySQL engine on this server.