Duplicator troubleshooting

Hi there,
I want to import (download) my online website in Local by Flywheel using Duplicator for the database transfert. The problem is that the installer.php at the local WordPress folder root does not work. The address (mylocalwebsite.io/installer.php) opens a blank page. How to troubleshoot this?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Yvan,

Sorry about this! The “white screen of death” can be tricky.

Option A:

Check the site’s error logs in the site’s logs folder. Considering this is a white screen of death, your best bet is to check the PHP error logs.

Option B:

Open up installer.php and place the following on lines beneath <?php:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
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Thanks a lot for your quick response,

I discovered that the problem was that my installer.php was corrupted. He did not have any code inside! When I realized that, I imported a new database.zip and a new installer and Duplicator and LOCAL by Flywheel work perfectly!

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