Edge case with Postmatic

Last night I updated Local on my Mac – it’s looking better every update and running very smoothly now :+1: – but I had a really odd thing happen when I synced a local instance of a site with the live version. Postmatic is used on this site, and it mailed out one old post (no idea why this one, and just one!) to subscribers with all the links pointing to the .local copy. Nothing was done with the local copy other the pull, which appeared to be successful. (It wasn’t pulled up in the browser or logged into.)

That is quite odd @dank

What number is the old post in the publish queue – for example is it the most recently published one?

I’ve never used Postmatic – it looks like it is a third party service (ie not within your WP install). Do you know how it’s email event is triggered?

Someone else might have more info, but I think that there is only one WordPress event that is fired on a Pull which is a search-and-replace for the URLs.

– Ben

It would be way, way back in the queue. it’s a very old post now on a fairly high volume magazine site.

Postmatic is a service using Mandrill. It sends out published posts marked for mailing to subscribers, which is the default for all new posts.

It’s possible my local copy of the site had this post frozen in a scheduled-to-publish state, and then months later when the local copy was updated, it connected to Postmatic which interpreted this post as one it missed — but that’s just a wild guess.

Dylan Kuhn at Postmatic is checking it out. You can reach him over there on their support@ address if you’d like.