Encountering bug with pushing to Wordpress Engine

Bug Summary

Attempted pushes to Wordpress Engine fail with the message:

“Uh-oh! We ran into an issue when pushing to WP Engine”

Steps to reproduce

Update your local site and then try to push (in my case, I’m pushing to production and attempting to push both the filesystem and the DB)

Environment Info

Most unique facet of my system is that it’s Fedora Linux although everything has been working okay up to now (specifically I’m on Fedora Workstation 40).

Config parameters that might be helpful are highlighted below:


Supporting info

Hopefully you’ll be able to access the logs through this paste site.

They seem to indicate a problem with SSH authentication although my LocalWP client is authenticated just fine (or so it seems):


Hi @danielrosehill

I was actually reviewing your support ticket on the WPE side this morning with my peers who have followed up with you. With your permission, they may want to do some further testing to see if they are able to replicate the problem. Because the issue is intermittent it makes it tough to pinpoint. One theory is that it’s related to the size of the installation. While we don’t have a hard limit on the size of a site that can be pulled or pushed with Local, sites that are 5 GB or larger are more likely to encounter issues or timeout limitations while utilizing Local Connect. That’s not to say sites around this size or larger can’t be pushed or pulled, but results may vary or take multiple attempts. This can also be dependent upon connection strength and speed, any other potential connection hogs or filters, etc.