Hi friends,

I recently bought a new MacBook and migrated all my data over. When I powered up Local, it loads up fine with all my sites, but every time I try to pull them up in the browser, I get “This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset. ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” screen.

In the router-log, I see:

“*1 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream”

“*1 connect() failed (111: connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:”

More Details:

  • This happens with all sites, including brand new, plain installs ones
  • I can’t load up the frontend, the admin, or MySQL, but I can load mailhog.
  • I’ve tried: rebooting the machine, updating VirtualBox, trying different environment configurations, changing the domain.

My System: MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

Any tips? I’m hoping there’s a fix, rather than having to set up all my sites again.

local-by-flywheel.log (581.7 KB)

Is anyone here? Any help is wonderful.

Nothing? Nobody? This doesn’t happen to anyone else?

What you’re describing sounds like an issue with SSL certificates, which would be hard to zero in on. From the name of the log – local-by-flywheel.log it seems like this is the “Local Classic” version.

Can you try manually installing the latest version of Local:

Note that the newer versions of Local will sometimes be called “Local Lightning” and is technically a completely different application.

Once that newer version is installed, you should be able to create new sites, or import existing ones by following the instructions in this help doc:

Thank you, Ben.

I’ve updated Local, and I’ve found that I can create a new install and connect to it in the browser. However, when I use Local to connect to WP Engine and pull down a site that I need to work on, I’m back to the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. There is no information in either the local-lightning.log file or the local router error.log. It seems that as far as Local knows, everything is fine.

The ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error is really hard to diagnose because it’s so generic of an error.

This help doc is focused on Windows, but does a good job of outlining the problem and gives some good ideas for what might be going on.

A few things I would recommend trying:

  • Does the site load in a different browser? If it does, there’s likely something cached within the original browser that’s causing issues

  • How are you connected to the internet? If you are using a VPN or some other fancy networking setup, it’s possible that something is being cached along the way.

  • As a test, can you try a different local domain? So for example, if you pull a site down that’s been using my-localsite.local can you try pulling to a site that has a randomized url like my-localsite-xyzabc.local.

  • Examine any antivirus or firewall settings and possibly disable them temporarily. It might be that the browser has been able to “find” the Local site, but something like a firewall is preventing the browser from actually “connecting.”

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