Error Importing Local site


I’m trying to Import a Local Sites but when I drag&drop the .zip, this message apparead :

-Windows 10 64Bits
-Local version 6.4.2+6012
-The site I’m trying to import is from another computer also using Local

If someone know why, please tell me, I search on forum and I dont found answers.

Hi @Makiento - thanks for using Local!

It looks like something failed when trying to install WordPress for your site. How did you export from Local on your other machine? And how are you importing on the new computer?

If you could share your log files, that will help me track down what may have gone wrong! Here is a guide to doing that - Retrieving Local’s Log File - Local.

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Hi @austinwendt,

I found the problem : I transfer all the files with OneDrive and somes files was corrupt (surely an internet error)
I did the transfer with an USB key and all works !

Thanks for your help

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