Error Installing 1.4.1 after uninstalling 1.3.0

Good Morning, I just downloaded 1.4.1, after I uninstalled 1.3.0, I did not see update option so I thought better to start with new install (I only had one dummy site so no data loss), however, now I get two errors after extracting the download

  1. The Application “Local by Flywheel” can’t be opened
  2. “&@” can’t be found.

I did check and Virtual Box is installed (installing update 5.1.14 now…

Any ideas?


Hey Ken,

Sorry for the trouble!

Can you please screenshot the errors you’re seeing?

I rebooted and did re-install 1.4.1, no issues this time around, so I think the computer just got a little confused…All good now…Thanks for quick response

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