Error pulling down wpengine site to local: "Couldn't load the file list"

What issue or error are you experiencing?

— When trying to pull down a wpengine site to local I am receiving the error: “Couldn’t load the file list”

What steps can be taken to replicate the issue? Feel free to include screenshots, videos, etc

System Details

  • Local Version: Version 8.2.0+6554

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version: MacOS 14.2.1

Local Logs (93.2 KB)

Hi @bt3000

I think you might be running into a bug we have going on with Local 8.2 and the new Connect to WPE flow. Can you try downgrading to 8.1 and see if that works?

We should have a fix out for this soon, but for now you should be able to use the previous version.

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