Errors when creating a WP Multisite install


I am encountering issues while attempting to set up a WordPress Multisite using Local on my MacBook Air with an M2 processor. The setup process has been interrupted by error messages that I have not been able to troubleshoot successfully.

The initial error appears when Local is provisioning the new site and shows the following:

“Uh-oh! Unable to provision site. Error: Error: spawn Unknown system error -86…”

This is followed by an error concerning the hosts file:

“Uh-oh! Could not update hosts file Local ran into a problem when trying to update the hosts file. Please ensure that the hosts file is not locked by anti-virus.”

Actions I’ve Taken:

  1. I confirmed the installation of the correct “Mac Apple Silicon” version of Local.
  2. I have checked to make sure that no antivirus software is active that could potentially lock the hosts file.
  3. I’ve reviewed the MacOS Firewall settings for any potential conflicts with Local.

Despite these steps, I have not been able to move past these errors. Any ideas?


Hi @Crownm

Rosetta 2 is required for Local’s Apple Silicon build due to the Nginx and MySQL Lighting Services compiled on the Intel architecture. We do plan to have a Local release out in the future that will drop this dependency but for now it is necessary.

You can install Rosetta by opening up a terminal window and using this command:

softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Others have found this doc to be helpful:

@Nick-B Okay got it. Thank you!!

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Anytime @Crownm! If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach back out. We are always happy to help!

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