Events turn into 404 pages or change layout when I pull site into Local

I pulled a few sites into Local to test them in SQL 8.2 and I am experiencing issues with the events and shopping products. On one site, the event page is in a different layout(The Events Calendar Plugin), on another site the events result in 404 pages( Modern Events Calendar Lite Plugin). I also get 404 pages on an e-commerce site when I click on any products. Is this what will happen when my sites are updated to SQL 8.2? How can I fix it? Thank you.

Hi @TheSocialBeing

By SQL 8.2 do you mean PHP 8.2? We only have MySQL 8.0 in Local right now.

If you’re having issues with PHP 8.2 and getting 404 errors. You might try troubleshooting your permalinks. More details here:

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