FTP / SFTP access?


Obviously the file system of the site is accessible via the host filesystem but just wondering if the site can also be accessed via FTP or SFTP?

I tried using the site username and password to connect via SFTP but no dice.

Many thanks,

Hi Tim,

This isn’t in Local at the moment.

It may be a feature we consider if we get enough interest. What is your use case for this? Are you wanting to access the files from another computer?

FTP / SFTP access would be useful for anyone who has used Local to locally install a WordPress management application such as InfiniteWP.

As a feature, it would specifically help users who manage a lot of WordPress sites, making Flywheel a more attractive option for bigger customers.

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Hi @donnacha,

Thanks for the feedback!

There’s a big hurdle with that though, you’ll need to make sure your router/firewall will even let that traffic in. You could potentially create a tunnel with ngrok or something along those lines, but IMO it would be more trouble than it’s worth.

What benefit are you missing from InfiniteWP that you wish you had locally?

Hi Clay,

I do have an pluggin issue between avada and Woocommerce. A support team member from avada need my FTP to help me. He already has the link to access the website.
Is there any way he can access those files?


Hi Florian,

In this case I would recommend uploading the site to a staging environment.

An S(FTP) server on your computer isn’t ideal since it’s a potential security risk for the rest of your files if something isn’t configured correctly.

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I need local file access to my site. Something has gone wrong and removing a file/ correcting an error reported would let me rescue it.

Are you saying this isn’t possible? I find that shocking as with a vanilla VirtualBox session this would be elementary.

Nevermind I found it - files are stored in plain view in

<system_drive>:\Users<username>\Local Sites<sitename>\

My use case would be to clone a site down to Local using something like Migrate Guru so I can work offline from something that was previously on a live staging server. Would save me the time of zipping stuff and importing db files. Would not be something I keep on regularly but only activate during the process and then shut off for security reasons.