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Glitchy scrolling through changelogs on macOS

Bug Summary

When I try to scroll through the list of bug fixes/changes, it will work fine for a bit, and then it will glitch back farther up that scrollable container, so I can never completely read the list of changes.

Local is one of the few programs in which I actually care about the changes, so this is bothersome!

Steps to reproduce

I’m using a typical 2-finger scroll on the trackpad, and running into this issue about every time I try. It might be worth mentioning that I also have “Scroll direction: Natural” turned OFF, in case that has anything to do with it.

Environment Info

This has seemed to happen on many different Mac operating system and Local versions. Currently, I’m on MacOS 12.1 and this happened on whatever version of Local is right before 6.2.1+5711 (I didn’t check before I updated).

Supporting info

Logs: Dropbox - local-logs.zip - Simplify your life

PS - I’ll try to take a video of this behavior the next time I update!