I launched my website (the site name is given above) live through a local hosting company. I had been developing this site on local by flywheel. But I cannot view the site on this browser (not opening on chrome, firefox and even internet explorer) using my laptop. But I can see it on my mobile phone. Also, other people can view the live website on their computers and phones.

Could having the Local by Flywheel be preventing me from viewing my live site?

I have tried clearing browser caches on the browsers, flushing dns on the cmd and even uninstalling the local by flywheel. Still, I cannot see the site .

If your site URL in Local is the same as the URL on the server then your hosts file on your laptop, where Local is installed, will serve the local version.

Why you should be doing is using something like gracekahinga.local within Local.

To add on to what afragen is saying, you’ll want to update that domain within Local. Here’s a screenshot to help visualize:

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