Gutenberg required on server, but not on Local

I’ve got an odd issue I can’t track down.

I have a production site on Flywheel, pulled to Local on Mac. Made lots of changes including creating a new child block theme (based on Twenty-Twenty-Three) and customizing styles.

When Local, everything looks great. (and I am NOT using the Gutenberg plugin locally.)
When I push to Flywheel Staging server, it’s clear that some styles are missing.
When I activate the Gutenberg plugin on the server version, everything looks correct again. However, I’m not using Gutenberg plugin on the Local site. Everything else is the same (PHP 8, WP 6.3) the only difference I can detect is that Gutenberg plugin is required to get the styles to load on the server.

Anyone seen this issue before? Any other tips or suggestions? I would prefer to not have to use the Gutenberg plugin.

Hey @brandonjp

Have you reached out to Flywheel support about this yet? Just asking because we can access your dashboard/tickets/sites etc and be able to take a deeper look if you already have some history going. I’ll DM you to discuss this further.

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Thanks Nick. I just assumed it was something I was doing wrong, so I didn’t even think about reaching out to official support. I’ll send the info over!

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So I tested this in your Staging environment and replicated what you said. The front end is broken until the Gutenberg plugin is enabled. I pulled your Staging site down to my Local app however and it was still broken unless I activated Gutenberg. So I couldn’t replicate it working without Gutenberg in the app.

Within your app, if you use Open Site Shell and run wp plugin list does Gutenberg not show at all? Or it just doesn’t show activated?

Thank you. I am royally confused by this. I do have Gutenberg installed, but not activated. Here’s the wp plugin list - I can activate and de-activate it with no change to the frontend. Only the UI in the block editor changes.

It’s definitely curious! There wouldn’t be any reason that Local or Flywheel specifically would automatically add or activate this plugin also. You said you built a new child block theme with Local correct? Is it possible at some point in the theme creation it necessitated the plugin? Checking the documentation for Block Themes here it looks like it’s necessary, unless I’m misunderstanding the workflow used.