Help with site url, multisite installation instructions and SSL

I am new at creating a multisite - never done it before. I have successfully installed a multisite on local. Now I want to add additional sites to the multisite. I own several domain names registered as addon’s on bluehost but am using local flywheel to build them on my computer. If I can get help with this my intention is to move all my domains to Flywheel.

My question is I don’t know what to put in the blank beginning with

"Add New Site Site Address (URL) grannie.local?

The name of the one of the sites is

As this site doesn’t actually exist what is the url I am supposed to put in there? What exactly would it look like?

Are there any current videos or instructions somewhere that show how to set up a fresh multisite on local? I’ve looked for a couple of days and can’t find one.

Does flywheel include SSL for free? I clicked on trust for the certificate but not sure if that is right.

Thanks, Grannie

If does not actually exist at all, then replacing grannie.local with should work.The site magically comes into existence when Lbf adds to your local machine’s /etc/hosts file

However you may wish to create the site under the temporary name grannie.local, and publish it to the server under the domain.


Thank you. But just to clarify, I am creating a multisite called Is that what I put when it says what’s your site’s name? This will be the site that all the Grannie sites will be built onto. I have all the domains but nothing is built on any of them because I want to create in a multisite. Thanks so much for your help with this.


Just to add to my previous email, in the local site path it look like this \Local Sites\granniewebsite

However, the actual domain is because .com and .org were taken. So should I just put in Grannie where it says what’s your site’s name or do I put in Thanks so much for your help.