Host Local Site between two computers using Volumes Add-On


I’ve already hosted my site to my local computer but, I need a developer to remotely work on the site. I understand that the Volumes Add-On can create symlinks yet, I haven’t found a tutorial that gives enough step by step info on what to do. If I want to move my local site from my computer to Google Drive how would I do so?

Any help is much Appreciated!

Hey @shantal, Welcome to the community!

The Volumes Add-On is more for sharing a theme across multiple sites in Local, or to store your site files outside of the default folder. I don’t believe it is possible to host a single site in this fashion so that your developer can access it remotely.

You may be able to store the site files in Google Drive with the Volumes Add-on, but the web server Local creates to load PHP and MySQL would still be running on your computer.

We do have another product called Local for Teams that allows collaboration with multiple people, but that runs alongside Flywheel hosting.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks Jake, Discussed this with the people at Flywheel as well and they devised that I should also look into Teams for my needs. Thanks again!