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How can I manually update downloadable Lightning Services?

Every now and then, the Local team pushes out updates to the downloadable Lightning Services (PHP, MySQL, web servers, etc) in Local.

Reasons for these updates include config changes to better facilitate local development, adjusting PHP extensions, or general bug fixes/improvements limited to the scope of the service.

Local does not have a way to update Lightning Services in the UI so it must be done manually. (Note: we have plans to add a way to do so!)

Updating Lightning Services

  1. Quit Local if it’s running

  2. Delete the services to be updated.

    • macOS: Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Local/lightning-services in Finder and delete the services you wish to update.

      Tip: Command + Shift + G and then paste the path above to quickly go to it.

    • Windows: Navigate to %Appdata%\Roaming\Local\lightning-services in the File Explorer and delete the services you wish to update.

    • Linux: Navigate to ~/.config/Local/lightning-services and delete the services you wish to update

  3. Re-open Local

  4. Add a new site and select the services you wish to download again under the “Custom” environment. Repeat this step for any other services you wish to download.

:rotating_light: Note: Without step #4, you will see errors when starting sites with the services that you deleted in step #2.