How can I purchase Local Pro?

Hi there
I’m having a huge issue with my " Error establishing a database connection" in all my sites :frowning:
How can I purchase Local Pro so I can contact support?
Whenever I click in “Purchase” in the main page it takes me to my account with no option of paying.
Also, when I try to click from within the software “I’m in Ubuntu” It takes me to a broken link . This one>>

This is rather strange.

Your help is appreciated

I guess we just need to wait for Local 6.0.

As of June 29, 2021, we’re so excited to announce that we giving everyone access to Local Pro tools and features for free!

:smiley: was waiting a bit to respond until the news was published. Thanks for taking the new Local features for a spin!

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I reached the page by chance, while digging for the Pro version. :grin:
Thanks for giving away to the community, happy long time user here!

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