Php intl not working version 6.4.3 mac

Hi there,

I’ve been reading through the forums as I’m getting an error in my Local WP site that Class ‘NumberFormatter’ not found which I believe is down to the absence of the php-intl extension on Local for Mac.

I downloaded the latest version of local as I read that php intl automatically comes with now.

However, my site is still giving me the same error.

I’m using a Mac, PHP 7.4.1.

Shouldn’t the issue be resolved? Why am I still getting the error?

Many thanks

Hi @zee1 - The intl extension is included by default with the latest PHP versions we added in the last release. If you use the PHP version selector to change your PHP version to v7.4.30, you should see intl included and that error go away!

In the next upcoming release of Local (will be v6.5), we will be merging PHP 7.4.1 and 7.4.30 and older sites running PHP 7.4.1 will auto-upgrade themselves the next time they start! So only necessary to do this in the interim.

Awesome thanks!

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