How to copy/duplicate theme files

Hi Guys

I’m loving the simplicity of your product which is very easy to use and setup.

Having some difficulties accessing WP files as there is no directory on my computer that allows me to make changes to my WP files.
I am working to customize my webpages and came across this problem in me having to duplicate and rename some theme files.
The files I need can locate by me, no problem, but the question I would like to ask you is how can I access and duplicate them?

Thanks in advance for your reply!


If I understand what you are trying to do may I suggest you read up on Child Themes?

You create your own new child theme folder (next to the parent one). You only need to supply a style.css and functions.php file to get it working. Change your Appearance/Theme to point to your child theme.

Then when you identify a file you wish to modify simply copy it (not move) from the parent theme to your child theme (watch the folder structure) and make the mods on your child theme file. WP will automatically look in the child folder for files before going to the parent folder.

Perfect for themes that get updated. Only the parent folder gets updated not the child one - so you don’t lose your modifications.


If you are just looking for the location where Local stores your sites files, you can click the site in Local and there is a line labeled “Site Path.”

I’m not a Windows user, but on Mac, I can also right-click the site name in Local and choose “Reveal in Finder.” I imagine that it would be labeled something like “Reveal in Explorer” on Windows.