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How to increase my max upload file size

Hi all,
I’m trying to increase the max upload file size. The only php.ini file that I can find is php.ini.hbs. So I have found where I increase the size but nothing happens, I keep getting the error exceeded max file size. I’m on a mac and using the latest version of Local.
Any suggestions much appreciated.

Hey @pesmith359

Welcome to the Local Community! php.ini.hbs is the correct place for increasing the max upload file size on the site. Just to confirm, are you updating the “upload_max_filesize” field which by default is 300M? Additionally are you saving the file and restarting the site for these changes to be applied to the specific site?

same problem here, edited php.ini but changes won’t happen


same problem! I have edited php.ini
with no success!

even folowed that guide!

How do we fix this?
edit: NEVER MIND didn’t realize i was editing the wrong file all along

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Hi @krste

I’ve done exactly as you describe but max_upload_filesize do not change.

The other values in php.ini.hbs change but max_upload_filesize remains the same (300M).

I’ve tried many times and are going a little crazy now.

I use Local version 6.6.1+6281.

Am I overlooking something obvious or…?

The main thing to remember is that you need to restart the site after editing the php.ini.hbs file:

The reason this is required is so Local can compile the .hbs file and reload PHP configuration.


@ben.turner - THANK YOU so much!

Step 2 in your graphic did the trick. All the rest I did over and over.

I made the changes according to the attached graphic because other users said it worked for them (earlier versions of Local, though).


Pretty confusing since I really thought I was editing the right place. But your reply saved the day :slight_smile: Everyone should know this little “trick”, so they don’t waste time like I did.

Thanks again, man.

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