How to install Adminer on Mac?

I am using the Local version 5.0.4 that comes with Sequel Pro. However that app is not longer compatible with the current MacOs.

I would like to use Adminer instead, however I have failed to install it in my computer. Is there anybody that could help with this?

Hey @a.zerod2020, while installing Adminer as a stand-alone application isn’t something we would be able to help support (though this is a Community and someone here might have that knowledge under their belt to share), it will be coming back to Local soon.

In the mean time, have you tried installing the nightly build of Sequel Pro?

If you do get Adminer up and running on it’s own, you should be able to connect to the Local site database(s) by using the information on the Local site dashboard > Database tab:

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Hello Matt,

Thank you for tip.

Today I checked and I see that Local has released an update that works well with this new Sequel Pro Build 97c1b85783. Finally I can access the databases. :slight_smile:


Hey there! Adminer has returned in Local 5.0.6 (Beta)