How to make complete backup of my Wordpress site?

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Hi! I want to make a complete backup of my Wordpress site before I update it. I have never done this before and need help.

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I was recommended to use the plugin All-In-One WP Migration by my theme provider. However, I asked the person who custom-developed my website if this would work, and he said “No, you need to FTP the entire site down as a local backup then to an SQL dump of the MySql database so you have a current copy of the settings.” This is complete gibberish to me.

I then e-mailed All-in-One WP Migration support and he responded that “the plugin will work for your case” but then said “If, for some reason, your site developer linked some files outside this folder, then these files would need to be moved manually. I would suggest creating a backup and importing it on your local machine using a localhost such as”

That led me here. I am totally confused. How can I backup my entire Wordpress website? Thank you!!

Hi Austin,

tech-folks talking. All good. I don’t see any issue of now, that a backup does not work. The plugin your provider suggested is a good one. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard. Click on Plugins in the menu left and click “ADD”. Then search for the plugin All-In-On WP Migration in the Input-field that is on the right side above the list of plugins.

If you see the correct plugin, click on “install”, wait until it installed and click “activate” (appears on the same spot, where install was before).

Then, you can use the plugin according to is documentation to create a backup and download it. The on-screen help should be sufficient for that.

Just to habe a backup does not require localwp. If you would like to see if the backup works, localwp would be one way of checking if it did.

That would require downloading localwp, installing it, setting up a new site, installing the All-In-On WP Migration plugin on that new (local) site and then install the downloaded backup into that local Wordpress. But I think I lost you, already at this step. Sorry, for that.

If you need more help, just reply here.

  • Dirk

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