How to set locale on Local for correct sorting in Czech language?

Issue Summary

Cannot set locale for the wp site in Local
For the purposes of the correct sorting in different language (in my case Czech) than English, I need to run the following commands and edit some files. These commands work on Ubuntu but not on Local SSH Bash.

sudo locale-gen cs_CZ.UTF-8
sudo nano /etc/default/locale
	- add
sudo apt-get install php-intl
sudo systemctl restart nginx (sudo /usr/sbin/nginx -s reload)

Troubleshooting Questions

  • How can I change the default language sorting on Local by Flywheel?

System Details

  • Local version: 5.10.4+5377
  • OS: Macos Big Sur version 11.3.11

Hey @luhas, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’ve never dealt with this sort of thing, but let’s see if we can get things working for you!

Local runs the various pieces of server software (php,mysql,nginx) directly on the computer, so using a tool like apt-get won’t configure things correctly.

Are you trying to do this sorting within PHP of the WordPress site?

I see that in the above commands for Ubuntu, you are installing php-intl – right now, the latest version of Local doesn’t include php-intl and there isn’t an easy way to compile it for macOS:

If you’re wanting this extension within Local, I’d recommend leaving a reply and voting on either of these feature requests:

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