How to uninstall on MAC?

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How do I get rid off this software, clean my Mac of any trace?

Amen. I installed and started working on a site, within 5 minutes my computer was running so hot I had to shut it down.

But here’s the worst part – I can no longer access my website or FTP server from that machine. I had set that domain as the site I was working with on Local, but when I tried to remove Local and the VirtualBox there are obviously still elements lingering around my machine. I can’t access anything with that domain from any browser or FTP client on that machine.

Come on Flywheel, where’s the information about how to actually remove the program?


I’ve removed the spam threshold. That’s the first time I’ve seen that and I’m very sorry about that!


So sorry for your experience! We’ve never heard of computers heating up like that when using Local so if you have any additional information about your computer we’d appreciate hearing it.

As far as not being able to access your sites, this is happening because your /etc/hosts file still has the entry for your site. This is why .dev domains are recommended.

You can edit your /etc/hosts file by opening Terminal and then typing sudo nano /etc/hosts. You’ll need to go in and remove the line with the domain you cannot access.

Here’s an article for additional help regarding that:

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Here is a new FAQ outlining how to uninstall. If anyone has any additional questions regarding uninstallation please let me know!

Clay, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I’m a designer and not very tech savvy and need some additional info regarding removing the /etc/hosts. I’ve accessed Terminal and entered your command line and I see the Local block and my domain listed but I don’t know how to actually remove or edit. I reviewed the link above, but it didn’t help. If you could give a more detailed step by step that would really be appreciated.

BTW, my machine is an MBP 2 GHz Core i7 with 8GB RAM running 10.11.6.

Never mind. A little Googling and I got it figured out. Thanks.

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Sorry, but the help documentation on how to uninstall is not helpful. It says: “see Virtual Box for information on deleting their software.” Which I did.

The VirtualBox site says “To uninstall VirtualBox, open the disk image (dmg) file again and double-click on the uninstall icon contained therein.

Well, that’s not helpful either since Local by Flywheel did not come with the disk image of VirtualBox.

Sure, I can drag it to the trash, but I’m sure it installed other bits and pieces all over my machine (and who knows what else). Would be nice to know how to correctly get rid of VirtualBox. Any tips? Thanks.

If you download the latest version of VirtualBox for “OS X Hosts”, the DMG will contain the uninstall tool for VirtualBox.

Sorry for the confusion!