How to upload the local database to a live site without opening and using Local by Flywheel?

The program does not work because it stays on “starting local machine” ever since I got a computer update and I tried different ways to fix this problem, but nothing seemed to work. That means I cannot go to ‘Connect to Flywheel’ to upload my website to the live hosting.

I was wondering how can I take the database files and import them to live database all at once? I noticed you can make multiple database files into one when you export the database from a live database, but how would you compress the local files from file explorer without having to run the program?

I have not done what I am recommending but I do have confidence it will work.

Install SQL Workbench and create a Workbench connection using the Remote Host and Remote Port reported in Local Flywheel for the site you are working on. Launch Workbench and you will have access to your database.

You’ll want to use Workbench to generate SQL script to save your database to the disk on your local machine where you can access that myscript.sql file.

You can create another Workbench connection to the database on the web hsoting server if you can determine the Remote Host and Remote Port values and use Workbench to connect to the database on your hosting server and import myscript.sql into that database.

You can then use the SQL tools on your website hosting service provider to import myscript.sql file into the database on your hosting server.