Thanks @flyjack and @clay for the Local beta program and regular release channel. I like the new icon and clear demarcation between whats beta and what’s the stable distribution. And thanks for opening up the beta program.

I’m continuing to test import and export in 5.1.0. Results are mixed.

  1. I was successfully able to reimport a test site I created and then exported in 5.1.0 (no plugins).
  2. My attempt to reimport a more complicated site generates an error. What I did here was to take a site I had exported from from 3.3.0, import it into 5.1.0, export from 5.1.0, and then reimport back into 5.1.0. Here’s the screen shot of the error message on reimport into 5.1.0:
  3. The error says that the import has failed. Interestingly, however, when I open Adminer and look at the database, tables which are reported to have failed to import – including Options, Users, and Usermeta, without which the site would not function – are indeed present in the database. And the site appears to be functioning normally.
  4. The above behavior does not exactly inspire confidence in the user, but the developers should be encouraged that the import is, apparently, working.

Looking forward to future releases and further progress!


Hi @lflier, we added new safeguards to the import process to skip SQL files with errors and report which files encountered errors during import. The benefit of this is one bad SQL file/error won’t cause an entire import to fail. Since your site is loading normally, I’m thinking this is a false positive (which we should fix). I’ll followup if we need more details to patch this. Thanks so much for reporting!

I just tested import/export on Local 5.1.1. The behavior appears to be the same as before.

Local 5.1.1 successfully imports an export from 3.3.0. But when the imported site is exported from 5.1.1 and then reimported back into 5.1.1, I get the following error warning:

As before, however, the site seems to function normally.

Hi Leonard,

Aha! It looks like the Local 3 SQL files aren’t being cleaned up after the Local 5 SQL files are exported. I’ll write up a bug report for this.