Import Fails. Alternative ways to import?

I have a site that consistently fails to import… hosts error then a mysql error.

Is there a way to import manually? I was thinking about creating a new site with the import site name, then extract the wp and sql files to the new site. Haven’t thought about importing the sql data though.

Certainly there has to be a way around this ongoing import issue with 5.0.7+1117

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Hey @KhakiBrands!

Sorry to hear that you’re having import issues. One possible route would be to pull your wp-content and MySQL db into a folder, zip it up and try to import.

Also, here’s the latest version that we dropped today.

Happy Coding!


FYI, importing Local sites still fails in 5.2.1 when the conf-backup folder was included in a Local export (e.g. when moving from Local Beta to Local non-beta).

I have to say, to me this is currently one of the most annoying bugs in Local.
Just exported a site to duplicate it by re-importing, and Local still stumbles because there’s a conf-backup folder in the just-exported zip, forcing me to delete it and re-save the zip.

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