Importing Backup from WP Engine Causing Redirect Loop

Hi Flywheel/Local team,

First off thanks for creating such an amazing tool. I’m exploring moving over to Flywheel and wanted to play around with one of my wpengine site’s in Local. Unfortunately, I am running into issues when trying to run one of my WP Engine backups with Local. I referenced this previous community post but still couldn’t get it working.

How to Import WP Engine Backup Into Local

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also, by creating this custom environment Local downloaded 120+ MB of additional modules. Any idea how I can remove those?

Thanks in advance.

Hi John,

Sorry for the trouble!

There may be some domains that weren’t properly changed by Local’s import routine. I’d recommend checking the siteurl and home options in the wp_options table. You can do so by opening the site in Local and then going to Database » Adminer.

Hi John!

I took a look at that screenshot and it looks like it’s trying to access the site over HTTPS.

I’ve sometimes seen issues with plugins that try to enforce HTTPS – the original request is for HTTP, but the plugin redirects to HTTPS.

Do you have any plugins that are enforcing HTTPS? You could try deactivating the plugin by renaming the folder containing the plugin.

As to your question about the extra modules for a custom environment – The custom environment has things broken out into smaller containers so that you can easily swap out different versions of the stack.

This is what allowed you to downgrade to a lower version of PHP. The extra modules that were downloaded are those various containers.

Off the top of my head, I don’t know if you can prune out the unused containers or not.

– Ben

The Custom environment (and its extra components) are downloaded into ~/Library/Application Support/Local by Flywheel/environments/custom

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for your feedback! You were right the install was trying to force HTTPS.

Appreciate your thoroughness!

  • John B.
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Hi Clay,

Sweet, thanks a ton for your help! Our team has been loving using Flywheel, so we appreciate all your hard work.


  • John B.
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