Importing Website Error

Been trying to upload an updated version of my site from one computer with local to another.
I first tried uploading from a google drive and when I encountered this error (that will be pictured below) I tried with a hard drive and got the same error.


I am transferring from two window’s PCs both with the latest versions of local. One is my home computer and I’m trying to transfer it to my office’s computer.

any help would be appreciated.

Hello there @Charlie_STC - welcome to the Local Community! :wave:

To clarify, are you using Local’s export & import features to do this transfer?

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Let me know & we’ll go from there!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

I used the export and import features built into the program yes.
so from my home computer:
-ran the site
-selected the three dots next to the name
-exported directly to my hard drive

from there came to my work computer:
-hit the hamburger menu on the top left
-clicked import site
-found the file
-it automatically choose the custom settings it had when I first created the site on my home computer (I also tried combo of other settings including the ‘preferred’ tab.)

  • it would import about 4/5ths of the file and stop right at the end and show the above error every time.
    thank you for the reply.

Hi @Charlie_STC - got it thank you for clarifying!

Are you using a plugin for a checkout feature perhaps on the site?

Just reading the error message, I’m wondering if there’s something happening with the database of a plugin not exporting or something like that.

Also, are both of your computers on the latest version of Local?



The only Plugin that I used was the cloud back up one, though this is not from a cloud back up the transfer was exported as I said above.
and that was the confusing thing is that this website is not being used for commerce, its just meant to be more of a portfolio website showing the work of the company and what it’s about.

Yes, both are the latest version.
Thank you.

  • Charlie

Hi @Charlie_STC -

Yes that is weird. That \billing-address--checkout-blocks comes from a WooCommerce blocks plugin I believe.

Any chance that was added and then removed from the site?

Are you able to export a clean, fresh site and then import it?

Sam :woman_technologist:t3:

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