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Install and run Local from USB disk (Portable Local)

Is it possible to run Local from USB disk, so it is a portable setup?
This way I can work on the same sites on different machines.

I’m running Local on Ubuntu 18.04 now, and I’m very happy with it, making a portable installation would make it my dev environment permanently.

Hi Marcel,

Local Lightning isn’t portable at this time but it’s something we have considered!

I moved this topic to #feature-requests so others can vote on it. :slight_smile:

It would be good if it were Portable, I use it on windows but I carry my development files between desktop PC and Laptop on an encrypted Samsung T5 USB disk, I would have liked it to be portable because the design and operation is incredible, but because of this I discard and continue using Laragon, which is portable and allows me to develop in any language, not just wordpress, Laravel, Symphony, js, python, etc …
Thanks for your work, I’ll be waiting for further improvements before changing the development stack.

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Hi Clay, I entered same issue. I would like to work on my locals on multiple computers / locations (do not have an laptop unfortunately) so I depends on my external harddisk. Any alternative ?

Laragon, is the best option