Installing Docker Desktop Killed Local Machine Startup

I installed Docker Desktop and needed to access a website I created through Local Flywheel on Windows 10. Trying to startup Flywheel now fails and hangs with the loading spinner.

// when trying to start local machine
listen tcp4 bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbideen by its access permissions.

I first made sure I used Task Manager to stop the Docker service but Flywheel would still not launch a new machine; it fails and hangs with the loading spinner.

I also have VirtualBox installed and tried to start a local machine and it bombs out the same way. VirtualBox details mentioned Hyper-V so I turned that off and Flywheel continues to fail.

I’ve restarted Hyper-V and reset and ready to learn how to debug this and get Flywheel running again but how?

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