Is it possible to run Local on an external HD?

Recently downloaded and installed Local only to discover that virtualization technology (VT) is not enabled on my laptop. I bought the laptop used and through my troubleshooting determined that I cannot activate VT because the bios is locked with a supervisor password. As far as I can tell the only way to overcome this is to remove the mother board and flash the chip. I need to buy a new laptop in the next several months anyway, so I’m not really interested in doing this. So I’m wondering if in the meantime until I can buy a new computer, is it possible to run Local from an external HD connected to my laptop? Or is there a better option I’m not thinking of?

Hi and Welcome to the Community!
Currently, Local and Virtual Box can only be installed on the partition containing the OS (typically C:)

However, if it were possible to install Local/Virtual Box on an external HDD this would still not resolve your issue as Virtual Box requires that you have Virtualization Technology Enabled; The external HDD is still using your systems resources to run programs and tasks.

The best solution would be to use a different computer (if possible) or:

  1. Flash BIOS using a BIOS Flash Utility (Consult your motherboard manual or look online to see if the vendor supplies a BIOS Flash Utility)
  2. Use a work computer (if possible / applicable)
  3. Purchase a New Computer… (not being snarky)

I know these may not be ideal solutions, but they are the only ones I know of for your current situation.

Shane, thanks for the response. I actually discovered a better solution anyway. Apparently Flywheel released a beta version of the Local software 2 weeks ago that no longer requires VT. I installed it last night and it works fabulously!

Ah Ok, This is good to know - Just remember it is in Beta still and should not be used for production!
(Standard rigamarole in case someone stumbles on this answer) :smiley:

Glad you found a solution and Happy Coding!