Is there a tool on the server like a "file manager"

My site had from start apr. 50 MB aand after some changes and installations of woocommerce I am at 100MB.
The site on the server is working fine, only the google map api reports:
“Could not connect to the internet. Please reload the page and try again”

Is there a tool where I can see my data on the server in a folder structure,
e.g. the htdocs
I used such a tool on an other providers site and it gives me an overview, if there is a duplicated content due to a upload with a wrong Domain Name: e.g. 190728mynam.local
I uploaded with the wrongDomain Name.
And then with the correct Domain Name myname.local.
may such an error duplicate the content on the server due to a storage into the wrong path of the wrong Domain Name?

Hey @loca1948

Local doesn’t have any tool to navigate the files of the Local site, but you should be able to use the Host computer’s file manager to view the various files of the site.

To open the site’s files, right-click in Local on the site and select “Reveal in Finder”:

From there, all of the files within the app/public directory are the same files that are mounted within the Local Virtual Machine. Depending on the amount of data that was imported into the database, there might be a lot of space that is contained within the sql folder as well.

The files within the sql folder are created every time the site is stopped.

Hope that helps clarify some things about using Local and where to view the files for the site. Let me know if I misunderstood what was being asked and I can try to provide more details about what else to do!