I've deleted the app from desktop on my MacBook

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Hello, I’ve recently deleted by mistake the app from desktop on my MacBook and I had two websites but I have no backup. I searched the app on launchpad / trash / applications but I can’t find it and im afraid I’ve lost the websites. What should I do?

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searched everywhere.

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    macOS Samona 14.4.1

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I can’t find local app.

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it’s a little bit urgent, I would appreciate it for any response.

Thank you.

Hi, @makeitsimple. Deleting the Local application does not normally delete your sites as well, which are stored separately. You can try these steps to restore them:

  1. Reinstall Local. For macOS, be sure to copy the app to your Applications folder and run it from that location. (Do not run it from the desktop.)
  2. Open the Finder and choose Go → Go to Folder.
  3. Enter ~/Local Sites and press enter. You should see a folder containing any sites you had.
  4. Follow the guide here under “Restore from only Local site files” to reimport your sites. (You’ll need to zip up those folders one at a time and then drag them into the running Local window to import them.)