LAN access to websites

Hi all,

apologies if this question sounds stupid, but I’m a bit lost herein I’m having difficulties finding documentation.

I installed ‘local by flywheel’ on my Mac mini osX-server, and I tried to access the address from other (Mac-) computers on my LAN.

Although I added ‘’ to the private/etc/host file, it doesn’t work.

I know about the live publishing but since that hostname changes a lot, this is difficult for my software: I need to change that address in different places a few times a day.

So, the question: how do I make the hostnames resolvable on LAN?

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Hi there,

Even though the temporary ngrok domain is inconvenient, I’d still say it’s the best way to access LAN sites at the moment. is a possibility but it requires quite a lot of configuration due to port forwarding complexities.

We plan on adding permanent Live Tunnel domains in the future :grinning:

Wondering if there has there been any movement on this?

The 3 issues currently stopping me moving from Zend Server to LBF are:

  1. Restrictions with using temp ngrok domains (blocks CSS links on subsequent pages!)
  2. Difficulties caused by not running as a Windows Admin user - recognised as best practice for several yrs now - see:
  3. Probs with Firefox not accepting self-signed certificates - not using HTTPS is no longer an option.

Otherwise, it’s impressive and may eventually be very helpful to independent developers :slight_smile:


In order to test my website from tablet, smartphones, computers i need to access via my lan network.

I can’t reach my website from a machine from my local network using a dns configuration using address but nothing…
I can reach it only from the host where Local By Flywheel is running

This is a main drawback of your program… Which may make me take the decision not to use your program…

Thanks for your answer !

ps : sorry for my english !

I eventually found this tutorial that shows how to get the IP of the virtual machine instance (rather than the host machine) - thanks Megan!