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I have 2 websites setup on Local. I am unable to access one of them as it automatically directs to the other website which was created first. This is very frustrating for me.


Please try restarting the site that is redirecting to the other site.

This happens to me too.
Restarting local have no effect
Restarting computer have no effect
Deleted both sites
Recreate first site. Won’t work
Recreate second site. Trying to access the second site direct to the first one. Trying to access the first site now works

Very frustrating!
I’m working on MacOSX version

Sorry for the trouble!

If anyone is having this issue can you please provide your log file? You can do so by going to Help » Reveal Local’s Log.

Deleted Local app
Deleted references to web sites in /etc/hosts (without deleting web sites in Local app and/or local files)
Reinstalled Local app
Both sites last created are recognized by the new Local app and can now be accessed without redirection
You can find the Local log here (link subject to expiration):

I was also having the same issue. The 2nd site redirected to the first site. I deleted the hosts entries, deleted the Local app, reinstalled, etc. Still was not working. I also restarted the local machine. No dice. The 2nd site tried to route to the first. The first site would run fine. Then about 2 minutes ago the second site is working fine after restarting it. Not sure what exact step helped. Though I will say to make sure you clear your browser cache too.

I fixed this same problem by clicking the “Stop All” button on the upper left of the Local by Flywheel screen, then restarting each of the sites using the green buttons to the left of the site names.

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