Live link javascript not working

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pages working fine locally, some javascript not working correctly in live link, the javascript code takes care of the filter animation for a gallery, it has no effects with live link

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    Windows 10

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Hi @wgan

We have a section on Troubleshooting Live Links here with some checks that might help:

thanks, upon check, it does look like something is failed to load, here’s the error message:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

and it is indeed the filter part went wrong, but I have no clue whether it failed to load the filter javascript code or something else, I’m not a web developer, I simply want to put together a personal portfolio site, I would appreciate to get some guidance on this

Hi @wgan -

Are you by chance using a Page Builder?

Sometimes there are issues with images and the way things display generally over Live Links with Elementor and other similar builders.

There are some suggestions in this thread I would recommend trying:

Let me know if anything in there helps, we’ll get this figured out!


no I use vanilla wp with just virtual portfolio plugin, so pretty minimal, all the other elements work, just the gallery filter part doesn’t, when you click on the filter buttons, its supposed to show some sorting animations and the result, this is the part that isn’t working, and the console message indeed reflects that so I suspect the failure of loading the javascript for that particular part is culprit, so if we could look into that direction, cheers

Thank you for your insight here. Regarding the error you mentioned above, net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, this is generally going to be something like security, anti-virus, or a firewall blocking a connection. So those are some things you could check.

You can also look through those Troubleshooting items I linked above and see if there are things like mixed content or incorrect URLs getting in the way. You might also check if any of your plugins and themes have things like CSS that need to be regenerated or cache that needs flushed.

I understand you’re not a web developer, and while we’re happy to help where we can when it comes to issues related to third-party code or plugins, we may not be able to provide specific, step-by-step guidance outside of our own product. If you’ve narrowed the issue down to a specific plugin or theme, then you could try reaching out to the developers or support for that product as well.