Local 5.9.9+5246 - Can't pull/push?

All of a sudden one of my sites now hangs on the “determining file list” preloader.
I’ve tried rebooting etc to no avail. Other sites appear to work OK.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time, the site launched yesterday and I can’t fix bugs that have been fed-back.

Using a mac with Local 5.9.9+5246

Anyone experienced this?

Did you ever get a solution for this @Jim_Savage_BT? I am running into this issue now.

Hey @sarah_greenprint – Whenever Local is stalling out during the “determining file list” screen of the MagicSync viewer, that usually means it’s waiting for the remote server to send back the list of files on the server.

Usually, this process is pretty quick, but for large sites, or ones that haven’t been connected to in a while, it can take some time for the index job to finish. You can try canceling the Connect event and re-try what you were doing. If this keeps happening, reach out to Flywheel support to investigate and clear up any issues with the remote infrastructure.

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