Local couldn't load the file list / Unable to pull or connect to WPE sites

So is 8.0.1 still working for you? Or are you having issues no matter the version?

If you don’t mind, please click the Download Local Logs button from the Support tab in Local. This will generate a zip archive that contains the Local log along with some other diagnostic information and we can take a deeper look.

8.0.1+6490 is working for me, but upgrading to anything after this is causing me the problems.

local-logs.zip (916.9 KB)

Is this happening when you try to connect with any sites? Or just a specific site?

Are you able to access the sites already in your Local app okay if you update?

Are there any sites you could try connecting to that you’ve never synced before to see if they work?

This happens on all sites. I can’t seem to get a list from the server(s) on any site. This issue only starts when I upgrade past 8.0.1. Right now I am staying on 8.0.1 so I can do my work and be able to sync as needed.

I assume the logs had the records from when I had upgraded. If they didn’t, I can try and upgrade, run some tests, and provide the updated logs before I revert back.

The logs are showing a lot of connection-type issues but it’s interesting that you have no problems when downgrading. I’d love to be able to see if we can replicate by trying to connect to any of your sites which will help determine if it’s specific to your setup or not. Have you opened up a ticket with WPE by chance? If you’re okay with us testing I can DM you to get some more WPE account details.

I have not opened a ticket yet as I was trying to continue on this issue thread. I am all for seeing if we can figure this out.

I just upgraded to 8.1 for grins, and I can’t connect to an existing site and just tried to connect to a new environment that I didn’t have before. Both can’t get the list of sites.

Hey @rbaugh - thanks for reaching out! Nick sent this my way this morning and I had a chance to take a look at it with the engineers.

Definitely something funny happening, though it makes sense given that Local v8.0.2 started ignoring users’ personal SSH configs - so that at least explains behavior when you upgrade and downgrade.

Can you share more about your custom SSH config/what the setup looks like?

The list of sites not appearing is interesting - that is all done outside of SSH and done via API with your username/password when you connect to WPE. If those aren’t loading, it is almost as if something is stopping Local before it can even get to the SSH parts. What is the machine/network setup like? Is this a personal machine/network or are you running on a work machine with potential firewall, VPN, etc?

Edit: When you say the list of sites, I may have misread. Do you mean the list of files that have changed when you access a specific site? Do you see a list of available sites when you visit the Connect tab inside Local?

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@austinwendt, when I read up on the 8.0.2 and SSH, I had even tried to remove my SSH config just to see if it made any difference or not. My custom config is mainly set up with rules to use specific SSH keys for domains. For my WPE set up, I am just using a wildcard for the host and then specifying my specific SSH key to use.

Host *.ssh.wpengine.net
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/wpengine_ed.pub
  IdentitiesOnly yes

I have a similar entry for SFTP as well

Host *.sftp.wpengine.com
  Port 2222
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/wpengine_ed.pub
  IdentitiesOnly yes

I am using the 1Password SSH agent to store my private keys, but this is working just fine on 8.0.1.

As for the “sites” comment, that should have been files. I can get the list of sites and the environments, it is just when I try and push/pull that I have the problem with getting the file/folder listing to work.

Hi @rbaugh!

I’m pretty sure that even on 8.0.1 Local wouldn’t be using those public keys specified in your SSH config, because Local is generating it’s own public key and submitting it under the hood. Any rsync/ssh commands explicitly pass that Local-specific identity file. I could be wrong about which would take precedence though - when you remove the SSH config file on 8.0.1, I’m assuming Connect still works for you?

Also, it seems your verbose logs don’t go all the way back to the last failed Connect event (the successful logs are quite long, especially for larger sites). Could you upgrade to Local Beta 8.1.1, run a Pull, and if it fails immediately upload those logs here? That would help us find the relevant logs more quickly.

Thanks! Hopefully we can get this figured out!

@adamperry I installed Beta 8.1.1 and I am still having issues getting the list of files for a site. I have uploaded the logs for it.

I removed my SSH config and downgraded back to 8.0.1 and I get a failed to get files message. When I add my config file back and try to do a pull, it works again. I attached the logs of 8.0.1 right after the failure and success.

local-beta-logs.zip (733.4 KB)
local-logs.zip (1.3 MB)

I too am facing the same issues, started happening yesterday.
Disabling magic-sync, allows us to pull/push, but magic sync is needed

{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"Failed to create shell\r\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-11-27T09:17:00.544Z"}
{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [Receiver]\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-11-27T09:17:00.550Z"}
{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(226) [Receiver=3.1.3]\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-11-27T09:17:00.552Z"}
{"class":"ConnectManifestWpeService","level":"error","message":"Error creating manifest for WPE Service","sentryEventId":"b39facd7f8e84102b19c2597ac574c0b","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-11-27T09:17:00.556Z"}
{"class":"ConnectManifestWpeService","level":"error","message":"rsync process existed with code 12","stack":"Error: rsync process existed with code 12\n    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (%%appPath%%/main/rsync/RsyncService.js:1:1548)\n    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:513:28)\n    at ChildProcess.emit (node:domain:489:12)\n    at ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:291:12)","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-11-27T09:17:00.556Z"}

Additionally encountering this with both Version 8.1.0+6514 and (pulled from a backup of the bundle in Info.plist, don’t have the app version anymore.)

Very frustrating, and effectively a show stopper. Really hindering any ability to get work done and out.

What issue or error are you experiencing?

When trying to push or pull from any of my connected WPEngine sites I get the error “Local couldn’t load the file list!”.

I checked the log file and it seems to be a non specific error with RSync. I tried manually SSHing into the server and I was authorized but received the same error. I tried restarting and resetting WPEngine API keys and SSH keys.

Thanks in advance!

What steps can be taken to replicate the issue? Feel free to include screenshots, videos, etc

I attempt to push/pull from my Local instance.

System Details

  • Local Version: Version 8.1.0+6514

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version: macOS Sonoma 10.14 ARM64

Local Logs

local-logs2.zip (713.8 KB)

Security Reminder
Local does a pretty good job of scrubbing private info from the logs and the errors it produces, however there’s always the possibility that something private can come through. Because these are public forums, always review the screenshots you are sharing to make sure there isn’t private info like passwords being displayed.

I am also running into a similar issue on Windows 10 version 8.1.0+6514. It appears to be specific to one site, and I am currently unable to pull down, push, or sync file list.

Thanks for your patience with this everyone! We’re taking a closer look at things now, but here’s a summary of what we know:

Connect to WPE is broken for a few accounts on WPE. You’ll know that you are a part of this issue if you examine your Local log and see lines that contain the string Failed to create shell.

For example, a complete line may look something like either of these lines:

{"class":"RsyncService","level":"warn","message":"Failed to create shell\r\n","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-11-28T14:37:28.353Z"}
{"class":"SshService","level":"warn","message":"Warning: Permanently added 'localLarry.ssh.wpengine.net' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.\r\nFailed to create shell","thread":"main","timestamp":"2023-11-27T21:32:16.033Z"}

If you are experiencing this issue with Connect to WPE, then you are also likely unable to ssh into the remote server.

We’re taking a closer look and will let you know more as we figure things out!


Thank you for the quick clarification here our agency is also experiencing this issue. I understand it takes time to look into and resolve.

Please provide an update as soon as possible, we would love to be back up and running with Local

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We had a number of WPE users write into support as well and were able to zero in on what looks like the problem – on of the clusters hosting sites was having issues mounting in ssh connections which is how Local connects to the remote site to deploy changes.

We’ve rebuilt the remote infrastructure and the sites that we were getting reports from should all be migrated and working as expected.

@bbillings @jwardy0 @nowmediaconnor @kleinmaetschke @alihs @rbaugh

Can you try using Connect to WPE again and let us know if things look good?

If you are still experiencing issues, can you please provide an updated version of the Local log for us to take a closer look at?

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Running LocalWP Version 8.1.0+6514, I am still having the same issues of not being able to connect to the sites and get the file list. I was able to confirm I can still SSH into the same sites, although it seems to be fairly slow connecting.
local-logs.zip (1.3 MB)

100% working on my end. Thank you for the resolution @ben.turner !