Local is slow after 2.4.2 update

Hello there,

I updated to Local 2.4.2 - after updating one of the sites and turning it into a completely unusable site i reinstalled Local from scratch - i have one site, it works but it takes like around 8 seconds to load it. 5 seconds only for the domain to load, and then for all the other stuff.
Using MBP Late 2016, on the latest version of Mojave.

Same issue here. My Mojave 2018 macbook (i9, 32GB ram) is running the sites on 2.4.2 much, much slower than my High-Sierra 2015 macbook (i7, 16GB ram) was on pre-2.4.2. Makes developing on local almost impossible at the moment, which is starting to be an issue. Hopefully there’s a 2.4.3 coming very soon…