Local is updating Live Site

Local 3.0.2 was downloaded onto my Windows 7 HD without any problems. On my live site, I used latest version of Duplicator (1.3.0) to create a backup of live site and downloaded it to my HD. With Local running I drag and drop the zip file into the Local main screen. Local created a jesite on my hard drive as expected. I can see all the files on my hard drive. The problem is that when changes are made to the local site, they are updated in the LIVE site.

I am a new to this and sure it is a user screw up. How do I turn off updates to the LIVE site.
Sorry to bother you with my screw up.

additional information:
The site path on main Local screen is: C:\Users\User\Local Sites\baw20181230
when I click on the Admin button to run the local site I see http://baw20181230.local/wp-admin in the window.

Then it changes to

What is causing this redirect? How do I fix it.


Can someone help me with this. What file do I need to change to tell Local to stay “LOCAL” and not update my LIVE site. The back up file are on my pc but when I try to run local it get redirected to the LIVE site.

I followed instructions I found here to move files from my host provider to local PC so I would have a test site to work on. This is not working. Help.

Can any on offer any advice.