Local preferred environment and Uncode theme (macOS)

Hi there,

I am considering using Flywheel for a new Wordpress site I am developing. I currently host my existing site on AWS. However I have hit a problem.

My site uses the popular Uncode theme (https://undsgn.com/uncode/ ) which doesn’t seem to play well with your preferred environment (which I would want to use to take advantage of Connect by Flywheel).

When I create an empty site using Local with preferred environment, increase WP memory in wp-config.php as required to use Uncode, and then add a copy of latest version of the Uncode theme, I get a problem on this settings page with it unable to stop calculating ‘PHP Max Input Vars (allowed)’ as you can see captured below. My computer fan starts to go high and I can see in activity monitor my CPU is under strain while on this page. This problem does not occur with Apache web server environment and I have also tested with new preview version of Local (v2.3) to no avail.

It seems like there may be some configuration Uncode is expecting which it cannot find?

Interestingly Uncode recommend your product (Why You Might Need a Local WordPress Website (And How to Create One) - Undsgn™ ) although my 6-month support with them is now expired and the version of Uncode shown working on the website photos is very old.

Can you help me to be able to use Local preferred envrionment on macOS in this situation?


@mmu I have had this problem too although I am not on a mac. I was not able to increase the WP Memory Limit through the changing the wp-config.php though.
I bought support and have been trying to get an answer from Uncode and have sent them the link that you mention that recommends Flywheel Local for Uncode.

Unfortunately I do not have the answer but it is good to know that I am not the only one having this problem but I will let you know if I get any further information.



Would you mind if I copied and pasted your post? I will send it to Undsgn the author of Uncode.


@flukyclover No problem.

Uncode actually sent me a URL to show this is not a problem: Screen Shot on 2018-04-27 at 11:10:32.png - Droplr

But their screenshot shows max_input_vars is 3000 rather than 4000 so they must be using a different config/Windows??

Note even if this issue is fixed there is another issue - crash when trying to bulk-install plugins for uncode:

I suggest to use Apache config (shame to not be able to use Connect by Flywheel).

I’m not able to directly contact Undsgn since I don’t have a license.

If any of you are in direct contact with them, feel free to loop me in via e-mail (clay@getflywheel.com).

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks @clay, Uncode have stopped answering my emails (I guess fair enough as my support has lapsed). My choice (which I am thinking about) is whether to pay for more support (quite expensive) or just in parallel look for a different template/solution. If they get back to me, I’ll Cc you.

I interpret from your message that there is nothing you can suggest to experiment with on the Local side of things? (I will download the new version of Local I see you have dropped.)

Just confirming both issues still present with Local 2.3.1 and latest Uncode. (Different error though when bulk-installing plug-ins - see second screenshot.)


Sorry for the delay getting back to you!

Are you seeing the 405 Not Allowed error only when updating Uncode’s plugins or all WordPress plugins?

Hi Clay,

The machine I did the testing on is being serviced by Apple including logic board replacement so all data deleted. But I only tried installing Uncode plugins via the second tab “Plugins” you can see in the screenshot.

Unfortunately in the end I found another (non-Flyspray) solution and website update task is completed. I do hope one day to use Connect by Flywheel though as looks a very good workflow.

Thanks for you help.


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