Local Router cannot connect to site

I tried to follow the steps described, and I get a Local Router error. The Local router is unable to connecte to the site.

Do you have an idea of what I should do to fix that ?
Thanks a lot !


If this is happening the paths may be wrong for the sites.

Please check the logs folder in that particular site’s folder for clues.

Hi @clay I have the same error in my MAC, and I think it was because I deleted my DEV folder by mistake (Actually I uninstalled a simlink to Dropbox and that deleted the folder) so I restored it from Time Machine.
I checked the folder paths and I have this from Local
And if I click on the arrow in the right it takes me to:
is there any tutorial about how to fix this? O remap the sites? I have like 9 sites on development and I can not afford to lose them.
Thank you.

Hi @facupuig,

Sorry for the delay!

If you need to re-map site paths you can use https://github.com/getflywheel/local-addon-volumes