Local Router Error after fresh install and DB sync pull

Hey so I just switched to a new machine and decided to get my local dev environment set up. I’m running into some issues.

So I did a fresh Local environment installation, and then using WP-DB-Sync (this specific fork as the original fork has not been maintained: GitHub - corysimmons/wp-sync-db: I believe this is now in core, so ignore this fork. wp-sync-db w/o "A non well formed numeric value encountered in class/wpsdb.php on line 1266" ) I was able to pull over my database from my live production website.

as I use a wp database prefix other than the default wp_ I had to go into config.php and change it over. For the sake of easier time explaining this, I’ll call my custom prefix abc_

It worked! Well sorta. I had already copied over the theme and media upload files via SFTP but found because I hadn’t copied over the plugin files, they had all be deactivated.

So I copied over the files and then I reactivated all my plugins and then about 7 of them needed to be updated so I went to the update tab and I told it to update them all, and then… BANG. Website broke.

I get a couple of different errors but here’s some pictures:

I found that if I went into my config file and changed it back over to wp_ and refreshed the page it would then show my website using the default wp-database etc that local installs when it first creates a server. I then changed it over to abc_ and refreshed and it worked! I had my correct database working and I could see the admin panel etc correctly!

But this wasn’t the end of it. Then when I went to my hope page, devjackalope.local it gave me the same blank screen. If I go to any other url for the website, say devjackalope.local/about or devjackalope.local/admin etc it works fine. But the home page does not for some reason.

Is there a good way I can fix this issue? Any suggestions?

Today I booted up the local instance and got this instead:

Bump? Any help on this? I’m not sure how to fix this issue, and I think this might mean I have to switch off of Local back to MAMP or something.

I’ve spent the last couple of days switching over to a LAMP stack run in WSL using this tutorial: https://hellojason.net/blog/how-to-setup-wordpress-locally-on-windows-subsystem-for-linux/

I’m running into some problems with it but I have no other choice since Local by Flywheel is acting weird and I can’t seem to get any pointers on how to correct those issues.