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Localwp can't login in win10!

Question Summary

I can’t log in to my account on localwp in win10, I can follow the official process and finally return to the app on win10, still no successful login.

Troubleshooting Questions

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, all to no avail.

System details

  • What version of Local is being used?

-The laptop system I am using
WIN10 chian Home Edition

-Version number

Hey @wsy675056816, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Can you please provide your Local Log? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

local-lightning.log (330.6 KB)

Very sorry for not replying to your message in time!

Logs to send!

I’m not reading the logs too well.

Now I have installed the latest version again and it still doesn’t work.


Thanks @wsy675056816 for that Log!

I’m seeing a few messages that seem to relate to permissions issues. For example this one:

mysqld: Could not create or access the registry key needed for the 



While neither of those actually mention trying to log into your account, I almost wonder if there’s a security setting in place that’s preventing Local from logging into your Local account.

Do you have any antivirus software that would be preventing Local from registering a protocol handler?

Oh, use version 5.. * you can log in normally, 6.. * version will not be able to login, win10 antivirus software was uninstalled by me also did not help (5.. * I uninstalled the Win10 antivirus, but it didn’t help (5.. * is also possible to log in with the antivirus software on).

I’m not quite sure what this means. Are you saying that when you install the older 5.x version of Local, you can log into the Local account without any issues?

If you can record a screencast of what is being encountered, I might be better able to spot something.

I am very sorry for some reasons that caused me to reply to this website.

I recently tested it again, I installed version 5.10.* first, and after successful installation, I could log in to my local account.

After success, I tried to upgrade at localwp again, and after successful installation, it would show login, but less than a minute later, it would automatically restart and the account would automatically log out again.

local-lightning.log (14.3 KB)

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