Log in to WP Admin from Local app

I am a newbie, I just started using Local using desktop app, and I am trying to start designing a site.

From what I understand, inside the Local software, I need to go to the Local sites tab and then click on the “WP Admin”. This opens a link that asks me to enter my username and password for WordPress.

My issue is that I have signed up for WordPress by linking my Google account, so I do not have an email address and password to enter.

Can I do anything other than creating a new account with WordPress ?

The username and password for your WordPress site are the ones you entered when creating the site in Local in the desktop app. They’re unrelated to the account you made when signing up for Local.

If you forgot your site’s WP username and password, you can enable “one-click admin” and choose a user from the site overview page in Local. When you click “WP Admin” you will then be logged in automatically.