Lost SFTP and Connect access to collaborator sites

Some issues in Local …

  1. I always need to upload a config-sample.php file every time I push a site via Connect, even if the source Local site contains one. Please fix this bug … it has been months! Ref: I Would love to give you a wp-config-sample.php file

  2. If I have an error when pushing a Collaborator site, then the site disconnects from its synced site on Flywheel. I cannot reconnect the sites afterwards because it no longer shows in the list of ‘Available’ sites (or any list, it’s gone!)

  3. The same site also disappears from SFTP and can no longer be accessed. However, it still shows up in my dashboard when I login to Flywheel—and I am still a Collaborator. What’s happening here?

  4. Will there ever be an option to only push the database? Local really struggles to push a full site each time I make changes to a development site. I would much rather just push the database and then update the wp-content folder via SFTP as it’s 100 times quicker.

Anything I can do to get regain access to these Collaborator sites once they go missing?