Simplified syncing between Macs

As of now it is ridiculously complicated to use Local in a synced environment between multiple Macs (see Other thread)

To make it as easy as when working with MAMP:

  1. Install MAMP on Mac A and point web root to dropbox
  2. Point each WP install to a remote DB
  3. Install MAMP on Mac B and point web root to the same folder

… Local would have to recognize existing website containers at a specified path and automatically add them to its overview of local sites. Is this even possible?

Hi @dgma,

Yes it is a bit of a pain to use local across multiple devices at the moment, hopefully that will change as the application progresses.

The difference that Local has over a OS(W/L/M) AMP stack is the containerized nature of local, which you cannot replicate with a simple interface. As behind the scenes local is just running a virtual machine with your sites. Of course you can at the moment change the Database to point to a remove DB however in my opinion that goes against what local is all about.

Simple, Local WordPress development.

I currently have 3 different machines (Mac and windows mishmash) and yes I do find it hard to move things between the computers, and remind myself which is the latest version etc. However I remind myself how much of a pig a OS(W/L/M) AMP stack is to set up, and resource hungry it is, even when I’m not developing a site. While also acknowledging the local is free at the moment, and changing each month.

Many people have suggested placing the Local folder that your sites work into a dropbox location, as it does contain the SQL files, so maybe in the future that’s the way to go with local scanning the directory on start for any changes and applying any SQL and file changes.

Keep your fingers crossed, and check out the WorkFlow category for more tips that might just help you out while Local continues to grow.

Never the less, this gets my vote!



Great explanations, much appreciated!