MailPit not starting On OSX

Thanks for sharing your sites.json, @sebastian. It looks correct to me.

One thing you can try is to force Local to recopy the mailpit binary on startup (steps below assume macOS, Windows users reading this should follow these instructions instead).

  1. Stop any running sites.
  2. Quit Local.
  3. Open the Finder and choose Go → Go To Folder…
  4. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Local/lightning-services and press Enter.
  5. Delete the folder named ‘mailpit-1.12.1+0’, but leave the Finder window open.
  6. Make sure any antivirus or security software is either disabled or allows Local to run unrestricted. (This is rarer on Mac than on Windows, but mentioning it just in case.)
  7. Start Local.

Local should recreate the folder named ‘mailpit-1.12.1+0’ which should be visible in the Finder window you left open. The contents of the mailpit folder should look like this:

├── bin
│   └── darwin
│       └── mailpit
├── lib
│   ├── MailpitService.js
│   └── main.js
└── package.json

If Local does not recreate the folder as described, or if you still see “missing mailpit” when starting Local, please share your Local logs so that we can investigate further.